Mvrketplace is A 'VR' Me2ads Marketplace

About Us

The ‘VR’ Mvrketplace and Mvrketplek have decided to focus in the real estate, finance & investment.

We endeavour to transform the traditional real estate agent, in accordance with global trends.

Register, then ‘edit’ your merchant page. We suggest adding at least a primary image.

A business logo or photo works best. The primary image will be what readers will view as your merchant listing.

Image size should be. 400.400px (You can add as many images as you like.)

A short summary, including the type of business, products and or services you offer.

You can also import or upload other images, for ex. A business header or whatever else you want your readers to view.

You can attach a PDF document, ex. price list or more information. Within the primary content area of your page images should not be more than about 1200px (width)

Your contact details

If your listing is private, or personal in nature you can rely on the message facility as this hides your personal details!

Coming soon; streaming chat, video chat & real time communications, making it more attractive for the reader to contact you directly.

Every listing you publish is always linked to your merchant page; instead of having to add contact details to every listing (advert) the reader need only look at your ‘linked business page, the more often they look the better for your brand.’

Contact us if you are unsure about any image sizes or let us create a bespoke business listing.

The ‘VR’ Mvrketplace

The ‘VR’ Marketplace. Mvrketplace™ (Official) will still take about 2 years to be built. It will offer all individuals and companies both Augmented and Virtual Reality. Powered by cutting edge Artificial Intelligence and VR software. But current ‘usernames‘ will remain the same. We endeavour to share ownership between the actual users vendor or merchants who use the marketplace as their primary sales and marketing platform. (See Below)

Incorporated as a legal Cooperative. Following the business model of the KWV. *Each seller or service vendor will own the entire Mvrketplace.

Legal and guaranteed to remain decentralised, owned entirely by vendors.

Like the KWV, we all know how wealthy those for 450 ‘Boers’ became. That is the the best example of BEE “Boer Economic Empowerment” working in South-Africa.

For more details about the changes that will take place please see below. (See Below)

While both all URL’s will lead to we will keep both primary domains only. l and l

For more info email: or

(See Below)

The ‘VR’ Marketplace.

Henry Ford was infamous as an outspoken racist. Coincidence is fiction.

Creation, taking what already exists and changing its shape. Free Will, do we posses free will? Can you choose the year of your birth? Can you choose your religion of birth? Can you choose your parents. It seems that this free will we have given ourselves is nothing else than an egoistic illusion of divinity. As if free choice exists in at all it is little more than our reaction of morality as if I can steal then what is stopping me. No thing at all except our ability to harness or most animal tendencies. In other words we may be morality decision makers. We create nothing as everything including our mental and physical faculty is a given. But is its plentiful we imagine it was out choice and we manifesto it with hard work and whatever else … The very relative causation we think of as our divine powers of free will may be little more than a choice or morality in our reactions when time washes over us.
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 360˚ degree

We’re bringing your personal shopping experience to the comfort of your home! ‘Augmented & VR’


The whole project was inspired by the idea of e-commerce in a world with more advanced technology and faster network speeds. We find it increasingly hard to find time to visit our favorite stores. Thus we decided to bring those stores to us!

What it does

MVRKETPLACE is a virtual reality eCommerce multi-vendor marketplace. Turnkey (SaaS) Software as a service that allows its users to experience in-store shopping while in the comfort of their own home. The user would be able to browse the entire catalog of a store as well as try on outfits using an avatar catered to their own body shape and measurements.

How we built it

MVRKETPLACE was developed using Unity for the Samsung Gear VR. We also developed back-end code for the cart object using VS Code.

Challenges we ran into

Due to our unfamiliarity with Unity and VR programming, we encountered many obstacles in developing the application. There were also hardware compatibility issues such as a lack of VR support for certain phone models. This culminated in the inability to implement movement and object interaction.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

Even with the many obstacles, we were successful in creating a basic VR environment to serve as our demo. While we were unable to interact with the products, we still managed to convey the idea of what MVRKETPLACE could be.

What we learned

We learned how to use Unity to build a basic VR environment.

What’s next for MVRKETPLACE

MVRKETPLACE is no where near completion. We plan to incorporate user movement and interaction capabilities to realize the full experience of in-store shopping. MVRKETPLACE will expand to enable any department store or individuals the ability to sell their products and services to the global VR community. While building the ‘mainstream’ Marketplace of the future be sure to register your-username and post a few basic adverts so when the new site is ready (My-Business) Herwith an example for SACANEX

  • Secure your username. Register Now and secure your vendors page. This will take 2 minutes.
  • The site will-still take up to 2 years. As it needs to function perfectly!
  • Secure your Username!
  • List and product or service.
  • Alexa enabled in-store assistant
  • Augmented and ‘VR’ factory outlet environment encompassing all available stores.

Built With

  • samsung-gear-vr
  • unity

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