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Go-Pro Fusion 360


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Get-Listed by Me2(API). If you want your business listed on the ‘VR’ Marketplace, Submit this form or simply email: or click here please include your business details or your google-map-link. You can get this link from the “SHARE” feature on Google-Maps. Its usually something like: If you are not listed on google it is no problem, include your business address if you would like your business to appear on our mapping API. There is no charge whatsoever.

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Find ZA Freelancers

Important: If you have no connection with South Africa, let me provide you with a glimpse. A short introduction.

The Western Cape, Cape Town, and environs are beautiful. Safety, if you go driving alone at night and get lost outside of the city limits, you may be risking your life. Unless you are familiar with the region or location. So, yes like any large city with poverty and slums there is danger. A beach vacation with all amenities and beautiful drives wine estates and good restaurants is really safe. I can almost guarantee your safety. If I may make a suggestion, leave you gold Rolex and flashy diamonds Jewel’s at home. I believe that is good advise when visiting any big city.

However I am not trying to sell you on the idea of a vacation. Unlike many Asian Countries with thousands of website and App developers (Claimed) without a website themselves already red flags. If you in the business and have managed to find qualified trustworthy freelancers, great. We have found the established companies already charge ‘retail’ so their is no real benefit when spending a similar amount when the developer is 3000 km away. That is where South Africa comes in. Since the start of this pandemic business has changed. Many more professionals are working from home and or independently. What many people do not know is the majority of these professionals and designers for ex. Art-Therapists, psychologists, graphic-designers and software-designers have studied and lived in the UK or USA. In other words English is primary language, so there is less likely the excuse will be ‘blamed on translation’ but the real opportunity exists with those industries that you may conclude digitally anyway. It does not really matter if you are 3 miles or 2000 miles away, if you add the weak SA currency, a few months ago $10.00 = R 8.90 today $10.00 = R 20.00, so hiring a qualified South African based service provider or freelancer would cost you half of the already discounted fee.

Thus if you paying in (USD) or basically any currency you can find a great opportunity. That is why are focusing on providing the best trustworthy small business, with your direct access via chat and stream, plus our various reviews and rating options, you are transaction without any real risk. Especially knowing that any new vendor or merchant who registers with us is given credit checks etc. These are available for your perusal, we will also assist at no charge with as much info as possible. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

In order to make searching easy we have added (2) two Tags options besides the search block. This way you can be certain every member/vendor product & service provider is based in Southern Africa (ZA). With our Me2api, Maps (Coming soon) you will have multiple search and location indicators. For the member, their listings and business will be promoted within this website under listings and vendors plus we have added same to the me2Blog & me2Tags sections of this site. In other words if you looking for a supplier, product or service in NYC or Humansdorp, each location will have its own pages. Currently the list is set by default in alphabetical order.