Marketplace-Listing Via Email. Get your post or listing seen locally and globally. It is as simple as sending an email! Whatever you are wanting to share, list products for sale or rental. Services, from accommodation, accounting services or a personal classified advert. The free easy listing is as simple as sending an email. What have you got to lose? In your email header section: Add a short heading. Then write or describe whatever you want to list, add your contact details otherwise it will be impossible for anyone to reply. Press send. Your advert is published immediately. No one from the Mvrketplace or Me2ads will send you spam, or add your email address to any list or newsletter whatsoever. If you would like more details just ask. Its as simple as that. Pay nothing whatsoever. Promote your business, brands and services via email. Its free and quick, and so simple! Just write an email the design and publishing is automatic. All our posts, listings and adverts are published directly and immediately on The ‘VR’ Marketplace. ‘Mvrketplace Global Solutions‘ Wait …that is just the beginning. Your listing is then shared locally & globally via marketplaces, classified ads, social media, including Facebook & Twitter. No registration no email verification. Probably the easiest way to list anything if you want the widest readership, nothing can be easier. Sell to business and consumers (B2B) (B2C) (C2C). Once you have written your email, just send it to this Email Address

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