The Sovereign has been in production for over 1000 years.

The Sovereign has been in production for over 1000 years. The Sovereign has been in production for over 1000 years.

The Sovereign has been in production for over 1000 years. Music, is thought to be like water. It can cross boundaries, religions etc. But there is no thing like gold bullion, used and trusted even if minted by an enemy.

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Thanks to mandatory cooperation by precious metal refineries and mints. Bullion has been for most of our history reserved for the established institutions, leading banks and corporations thus making it impossible and even illegal for you and I to own. Just like the vote or owning real estate was denied to women and Jews among others.

The reason simple. Power. The essence of power is wealth. Guns cost money. Just like big media today allow you and I ‘Likes’ worthless. The same tactics used to gain not only land but countries give them trinkets that look expensive, jewels in fancy looking cardboard boxes that may contain a small amount of gold but literally are worth a fraction of their purchase price.

Bullion, unlike flashy trinkets or marketing propaganda used to sell ‘memorabilia’ however few are produced hold no guarantee of scarcity or investment value. If the item truly held this claimed potential, why tell others and sell them for a discounted price. Another example is imported no name Chinese smart-phones; you can create a fancy catchy and designer label own registered trademarks but one must realise, if ‘the brand’ had any real value the manufacturer would not accept cost plus 5% or try and sell 10 000 units without branding the device, unless they know branding is likely to be returned. Thus, like an evil child it is thrown out with no name.

Building a website, pay $99.00 for special software that enables you to re-create the working of Facebook or eBay. Or so it is advertised.

Sounds great but if that were true do you not think the developer would do it themselves? Why accept $99.00 from a few hundred people, less the refunds when if it is so fantastic building the site may be worth billions.

1. The chance that any mint or refinery can create an investment coin, rare worth many times more than its intrinsic value is like zero.
2. The tiny number of such items are usually the result of errors or omissions that could not be planned, for example while minting there is an attack by a foreign nation causing maybe 5 coins out of 500 000 to rushed or not completed.
3. That is why *bullion ‘good-gold’ has until now been the preferred and trusted payment as it is guaranteed to provide its weight in gold, pure gold, each coin having the exact weight and purity. That has been true for a long time. Purchasing a Mandela or Churchill gold or silver coin may look good, but its value remains its intrinsic precious metal content. The chance of any other outcome is so unlikely you would stand a better chance purchasing a lottery ticket of a lottery that does not exist.
*Beware of anything PAMP or PAMP-HCT, whatever. I have proof that this company produces fakes, of the worlds most trusted bullion coins however the amount of gold disqualifies the coin of being bullion, this in my view is much worse than the copy of the item that holds zero intrinsic value. Most of us would not expect to purchase a genuine famous bullion coin at a Chine bazaar besides the cost would be less than the original. The PAMP option is so much more deceptive as you are purchasing from a member of the LBMA, most probably in the right part of town with the correct logo and guarantees. As humans e do not expect to be sold fakes from a high street gold dealer.
This practise is destroying 100 years of trust and cooperation simply for one mans greed.
Note: Only purchase from the Royal Mint outside of China-Fakes or India. Never purchase anything that has PAMP this includes the physical store or any store advertising anything PAMP.

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