The 'Wild-Coast' (the old Transkei) is for sale

The 'Wild-Coast' (the old Transkei) is for sale The 'Wild-Coast' (the old Transkei) is for sale
Multi-listing, , Property 24.
Service Includes: Ongoing Support
License Type: Real-Estate N/A


The Marketplek™ is the Cooperative, on behalf of the *people of South Africa. This 15 000 miles2. Is huge relative to South Africa. The value of this endeavour, cannot be valued intrinsically. This Virgin ‘Wild Coast. Birthplace of Nelson Mandela. Home to the ‘Madiba-Clan’ could provide a wealthy country with billions of holiday makers a virgin economic sub-tropical location that would serve as a foothold into Africa; making for a Chinese cultural and attractive assimilation endeavour. The possibilities are endless for all aspects of the China dominated planet. Contact us for details.

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