Trademarks, Registration and Advice

Trademarks, Registration and Advice

Trademarks, Registration and Advice. Why pay over R 10 000.00 when the war is won before the listing?

What most do not understand is if your listing requires any real legal actions that is besides corrections or basic changes; the possibility of registration is already almost zero! This is assuming you have not registered marks in other countries and been trading commercially using the mark or name and or your mark or name is not a household brand. The truth is simply, find another name or mark to register as the chances are almost zero even if you can afford to pay millions of rand in legal fees.

Trademarks Overseas.

While we specialise offer local trademark, services, advise and registrations. We can advise you as to the best way forward for your global registrations, we have experience worldwide holding registered marks in most countries and regions. Email:

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