Licensed Cultivators of (Official) Transkei & Durban-Poison®

The Durban-Poison-Organization T/A Durban-Poison-Group-ZA Durban-Poison® HQ: Durban-Poison-Estate™ KZN. KwaZulu-Natal, Durban 4051, Afrique Süd (Official) Websites:  Email: l Durban Poison Social Media: @DurbanPoison l @DurbanPoisonZA

The (Official) Exclusive Marketplace for SACANEX, SA Cannabis Exchange & Durban-Poison ZA is Me2ads, Marketplace. It was decided after long negotiations, this guarantees members Free local and global sales, promotions, you will never be charged any fees, costs or commissions whatsoever.

Members pay no fees or commissions whatsoever! Readers and customers deal directly with your business.

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Members are welcome to forward their listing details and secure The ‘VR’ weed-mvrketplace will still take time to perfect this awesome functionality you will be glad you did.

If you cultivate or produce Durban-Poison (Official) sourced within KZN, KwaZulu-Natal, South-Africa you are welcome to list your company. To obtain the Dagga (Coop) approval just email your details with a copy of your South African ID and proof of residence within the province of KZN. Only.

The Transkei Group® Brand: Transkei Poison® is a registered mark of the Durban Poison® Organisation. Our brand names, logos and slogans may only be used with the written permission of the Durban Poison® Organization. Cultivation is prohibited and may result in legal action. This includes claiming our brand, flower, oil essence or medical or pharmaceutical product that is not manufactured in on under license within the boundary set forth by and accepted globally as KZN., KwaZulu-Natal, “the province” and must be listed as an official producer with SACANEX, SA Cannabis Exchange the (Dagga Exchange) their website  or  with exclusive/exchange/sales and trading from June 01-2020 until and including June 01-2024 The Me2ads™ Marketplace T/A

Durban Poison Group ZA®

HQ. Durban Poison Estate, Durban, KZN. Kwa-Zulu-Natal, 4295, South Africa. Email: or

Me2ads Coop.

SA Cannabis Economic Empowerment & Development’ Cooperative. With over 260 million Dagga users. Sales of almost 100 Billion (USD). South Africans, apply for shares equity in SACANEX, The Dagga Exchange and our world famous Durban and Transkei Poison®Why waste your time struggling in our tiny market, South Africa, accounts for less than 0.012% of Dagga consumption, this includes foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals with active cannabis, be THC, CBD/CBC etc.  When you apply for membership you become an owner, equity shareholder in all our brands, the exchange & Coop. The cost is nothing. This is not a trick, what can you possibly lose if you are given shares in what may soon be our countries most valuable export. You can *sell your shares like any other company.  Our motive is CEE, Cannabis Economic Empowerment’ for as many South Africans as possible. Our business plan has been proved to create huge wealth creation, based on the most successful BEE, ever the KWV, founded in 1918. ‘Boer Economic Empowerment’ within 2 years every member of the KWV had increased their wealth by 500%. The benefits of cooperation are substantial. Read about the KWV, and its tremendous success. Please contact Durban email: or The SA Cannabis Exchange (DaggaExchange) or email:

*Please understand that equity shares are not infinite. In other words, there are only so a limited amount. Be quick, apply, this is the greatest opportunity you will ever have.

Free shares.

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