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MVRKETPLACE™ Makes the phone’s camera intelligent.

Better than being there.


Revolutionise how you communicate. See what your customer sees. Diagnose and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

A more human connection.


A few ways Mvrketplace is being used.



  • Diagnose and troubleshoot remotely for faster resolution times and happier customers.


Insurance claims

  • Provide instant, remote responses with better documentation than an on-site visit.


Home inspections

  • Document a home’s condition at the homeowner’s convenience, without rolling a truck.


Team collaboration

  • Share knowledge and expertise across your team in real time and in the field. & many more…
  • The best customer experience. Period.

A look under the hood
Mvrketplace™ makes the camera intelligent by using computer vision, spatial mapping, and machine learning to understand the world’s context.

  • Spatial Mapping
    Our patented spatial mapping technology unlocks a range of capabilities to understand and interact with your customer’s world from anywhere, including remote measurements, generating 3D models of spaces, occlusion, and persistence. Get connected 24/7
  • Object Recognition
    Using object recognition Mvrketplace™ understands what it sees and surfaces relevant information to you. Learn things like position, rotation, scale and class of each object. Capture serial and model numbers, brand names and other relevant text, all through the camera.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    Don’t throw away your data, learn from it. With every video call Mvrketplace gets smarter, providing you with a rich portrait of the context and meaning behind the way customers use your processes and products.

Empower your experts.

  • Easy for businesses & customers.
    For your business customer
  • Experience Your apps
  • Drop the Mvrketplace experience into your app via our SDK.
    Expert Web Portal (Beta)
  • Easily receive Mvrketplace calls from a desktop web browser.
  • Want to learn more?
    Get in touch

The Mvrketplace Cooperative. CEE, ‘Cannabis Economic Empowerment’ Those merchants/registered users who apply in time will receive equity & voting rights free of charge. No tricks or risks. Sell shares at a *profit like any other company..

The ‘VR’ Mvrketplace Incorporated 100% equity will be shared equally between registered vendors (Merchants & Vendors). Decentralized by incorporation. See: Mvrketplace (Coop.)



Mobile: +27739207093

Registered users can apply for equity via the contact form. We will reply within 24 hours with details as to the number of Cooperative members required by law. Like any company shares are finite, so first come first serve.

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